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Jo Vranistas

What I experienced in that room during my healing was nothing short of soul magic. It was one of the most intense (physical and otherwise) experiences that brought with it massive release and acceptance. I'm coming back for some relaxing MiriMiri massage magic too! What an incredible connection - thank you!


Renata Rowlands

Morena bro, just want to say a huge thank you to you! What an awesome experience that was I'm buzzing out today I feel meke az but sore but the feeling I feel is overwhelming!! Mind body and soul. So I am forever grateful thank you have a meke day! Keep up the awesome mahi!


James Karpinski

A few weeks ago I went in for my second session with Arama, I was fearful and reluctant knowing what my body was holding on too......The next day it was like 'being' a witness to my mind, I was not caught up on it anymore, I was standing behind it and able to participate or disengage in any thought that came into my mind. Next day got on a plane to India and slowly got caught up in my mind stuff. I have been studying Vedanta philosophy for a month now and that experience was now in hindsight me being light enough to rest above/deeper in the mind past the subconscious and the conscious mind, in the superconscious or beyond. Even though I only had a glimpse I now know that there is another way to 'be' and thanks to Arama and his profound healing I will walk the path to find a way to reside in this self. No amount of thanks can express my gratitude.
For people too deep in their mind stuff Romiromi is a way to get perspective.


Martin Taiawa

The privilege is being worked on by a healer who is humble grounded and guided by his heart winning! Sheesh the tinana is sore in some places hei aha needed it and my tinana will get over it. Puku is still rumbling a bit is it supposed to? or does it need another crack? It sounds like a kid whining or telling tales hilarious. Released like a boss, love that lol I thank God for bringing us together always a reason aye, The start of a new journey for us all. So once again Arama thank you for your dedication to your mahi and to the people.
Feeling a little tough after that............. okay I lied but feeling and understanding more everyday..


Wikitoria Oman

Kia ora Arama great to hear your work is going from strength to strength...need more hours in the day ?!! I want to book in ! Keep you posted re Warburton workshop in August..hope you may come down..Mauri ora e hoa !


Alannah London

Kia ora! from someone fortunate enough to have had a Romiromi treatment from Arama at Romiromi Melbourne. His truly gifted work removed so much tension, stress and un-needed energy held throughout the cells, muscles and tissue of my body, afterwards, I floated out like a feather and slept for 12 hours straight! He shifted blockages in my right shoulder, restoring full range of movement, after 18 months of pain and restriction due to injury, and is still good today, a few of months later. It was a deeply healing work affecting not only a physical shift but spiritual as well, with the results still echoing today. Tena rawa atu koe Arama and yes I would definitely recommend his awesome mahi to everyone


Jeremy Djurovich

Had my first Romiromi experience with Arama on Saturday, he is a master of his work, so glad I took the opportunity, highly recommended!!


Emeretta Cross

Arama Toatoa is an amazing young man who can alleviate ...if you relate to this article, then contact him through Romiromi Melbourne FB page and step forward for a better way of LIVING!


Leuli Eshraghi

Ngā mihi ki a koe e hoa Arama. You hold a very special space for healing, growing mana, and seeing through temporal binds. A very special romiromi treatment preceded and followed by open kōrero. Kia ora koe ki te wahi tapu! Ia manuia le soifua, Léuli


Cheyne Smith

Thank you, bro, just talking to you before the romiromi I could see you have love for your mahi and the results are greater than you can expect, in or lives we all need positive energies and less negative this was spiritually enlightening for myself ,it's a great gift you have Arama aroha nui


Amelia Hicks

Arama, your massage is the one of the best things in my life. You have the touch. When my body develops pain because of the stresses and strains of life events I am no longer scared as I pretty much know that after a massage with you, my body will be flowing with energy again. Thank you for sharing your gift


Emeretta Cross

I had my first ROMIROMI and YOU moved me completely and wholly.

My origins are KIRIBATI AND TUVALUAN - we heal by massage too and I have been going back to the islands to get the 'real deal'.

I was impressed with the spiritual context and your strength to handle the energies I needed to release. - Although we are not finished yet, got a couple more rounds to go and by then, I'll be able to fly - literally, that's how 'light' I feel after a session. THANK YOU ARAMA - for bringing this to Melbourne - A BLESSING WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!


Harry Lesa

Thank you Melbourne Romiromi for fixing my arm

If you are suffering from sore aching muscles, knots, crystals or just want a relaxing massage, then I highly recommend the services of "Melbourne Romiromi"
After many years of playing rugby my body is starting to take it's toll, with constant aching muscles, I usually go to those Asian massage shops you find in the shopping malls, yet I always leave unsatisfied and ripped off!
My first massage experience with the founder of Melbourne Romiromi, was 9 years ago, and I haven't looked back since.
A personal opinion is a lot of masseuses have to go to school to learn the art of massage, but I personally believe the founder Of Melbourne Romiromi has inherited the natural gift of massage.
What have you got to lose but the aches and pains, trust me you will not regret it. Give them a try and feel the difference.

Thank you again Melbourne Romiromi

Now a loyal and regular client


Wikitoria Oman

A big tautoko to you Arama pleased you are able to give some time to offer Romiromi+Mirimiri in Melbourne...anyone reading this I highly recommend Arama and his mahi pono. This traditional work is the real thing and especially resonates with Maori as it was a gift passed down from our tupuna....Mauri Ora !


For verification of these testimonies please click on the Facebook link to be taken to Ārama's Facebook page. Kia ora.


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