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Mirimiri is the support Romiromi, or the massage therapy to assist the Romiromi. It is also the korero that accompanies the bodywork which enables you to breathe better and works with your practitioner to release any energy or emotional blockages.

You will experience tension-release as muscles relax with soft to deep tissue massage, giving you more space for an increased flow of energy, as spiritual energies flow through to invigorate and protect the body.

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More on Mirimiri

Mirimiri can be tuakana and supports Romiromi while working on the outer layers of the body.  Arama uses Mirimiri korero with insight to help your body heal itself.  This safely brings energy into its rightful place to create a balance of mauri and wairua.


Mirimiri can be a stand-alone treatment, a therapeutic massage with kawakawa oil. Kawakawa branches can be used over the body to assist in the healing process, or the leaves used as a poultice for detoxification.


Choose Mirimiri for a deep relaxation and de-stressing massage. Arama will work intuitively to maximise the best outcome, benefits and restorative experience for you. It is deeply relaxing, grounding, remedial, releasing tension and brings energies into balance


When you choose this deeply relaxing massage, you will feel uplifted, lighter and different, in that you have shifted closer to your original vibration.


For your first traditional Māori massage treatment, a combination of both Mirimiri & Romiromi is a popular choice.

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